About US

Lovely Memorial Gifts is an online store owned and managed by The Lovely Keepsake Company Limited, part of The Lovely Gift Group.  We are a family run business with a focus on care, quality and creativity across all our stores featuring innovative gift ideas and thoughtful solutions.

The Lovely Keepsake Company launched online in 2015 and it is now the UK's only comprehensive online keepsake store.

Such has been the popularity of the Memorial collection, Lovely Memorial Gifts was the obvious step and has been a joy to develop.  Whilst the idea for the original business was first ignited by the birth of our premature twins, it has actually been the development and growth of our Memorial collection that has been perhaps the most rewarding, popular and one that brings us closer to our beloved customers. 

Our team have all lost loved ones we adored and we are able to transfer that compassion and understanding through the products we design and source to bring comfort to our customers. 

Helen is particularly passionate about finding new ideas and ways to keep memories alive, and to express support following a bereavement, when it's difficult to find the right words to say.  The development and launch of Lovely Memorial Gifts has been personally rewarding and exciting. 



We also understand that as well as the passing of a loved one, a birtday


We understood that whilst creating a post to mark a passing of a loved one, an anniversary or any other family notice or event was both informative and comforting, there was also an acute need to extend that comfort. By creating FN Gifts and combining our two companies' unique experience and capabilities, we can do just that.