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Lovely Gifts To Remember Loved Ones & Special Times

We understand the importance of special keepsakes to remember a significant person in your life and any occasion, place or moment you shared with them. We have sentimental bereavement gifts, lovely remembrance ideas and practical yet thoughtful items for funerals and gravesides. 

We hope you find what you are looking for in our specially selected collections of keepsake gifts and that they may bring you, your friends and family comfort and memories of great times with loved ones.

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Bereavement Gift Ideas

Clothing Memory Keepsakes

Clothing memory keepsakes made from a garment worn by a loved one is a lovely way to feel close to someone we miss. When a loved one passes away, sometimes we want nothing more than to hold them one more time.   

Keepsake Boxes | Memory Boxes | Personalised Memorial Keepsakes

Keepsake Memory Boxes

Keep memories of a lost loved one safe in a personalised keepsake memory box. Store clothing, photographs, mementos, jewellery, anything that you treasure as a reminder of someone you have sadly lost.


Outdoor Memorials

Remembering someone we have lost in our garden is a touching tribute to a lost loved one. We have a selection of thoughtful personalised memorials that will keep their memory close to home.


Beautiful Gift Wrapping

We can beautifully gift wrap your gifts and send directly to your recipient.