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Collection: Memory Cushions

A gorgeous way to keep loved ones close and bring great comfort to those who are bereaved. 

Our hand made cushions are made with complete care and consideration for how important and irreplaceable these garments are. We can make them from any garment that is super special to you and they can be personalised with either just a name embroidered or a patch with a poem or comforting words. 

When a loved one passes away, sometimes we want nothing more than to hold them one more time.  Our Memory Cushion is a lovely way to feel close to someone we have lost by using the sense of touch. 

We can generally make them out of literally anything!  We have created gorgeous Memory Cushions from shirts, Tshirt, uniforms, jumpers, blouses, woolly cardigans, nighties, tablecloths, fleeces, pyjamas.  If they wore it we can usually use it.  

Memory Cushions