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There are two certainties in life. We are born and we die.  And so, at some point in our lives we are all unfortunately going to lose someone we love, know someone else we care about who does, miss someone and long to remember someone.

Grief is a very powerful emotion.  It can cripple us, overwhelm us and alter our view on the world.  At some point someone close to us, or indeed ourselves, will battle grief. 

There will be times when we don't know what to say, what to do and in fact whether to say or do anything. 

We launched Lovely Memorial Gifts after the Memorial gift collection on our sister website The Lovely Keepsake Company became our most popular.  From feedback from customers we quickly understood how much they appreciated help and guidance on gifts to send when they didn't know what to say or how best to support friends and family who had lost a loved one.  From the gift notes on the gift wrap we also learnt just how much our customers wanted to tell people they were thinking of them, that they knew they couldn't take the pain away but wanted them to know they were there if they needed anything.  We realised that coping with grief went far beyond keepsakes and so our new website was born. 

With Lovely Memorial Gifts we are now able to offer grave markers, jewellery for cremation ashes and many more ideas. 

We hope this site continues to provide innovative and thoughtful gift ideas to support those you love and to remember those you have lost. We aim to continue to inspire you with gifts and comfort you with keepsakes. 

We also hope to bring some guidance and comfort through the blog on this site.  If you have learned important and life changing lessons from different ways to deal with grief, and would like to share your thoughts with others who might be battling the situation now, please do share your thoughts with us at help@thelovelygiftgroup.co.uk and we will share them here. 

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